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We believe that a service should always be tailor-made to fit the client’s needs. 

While we take a lot of pride in our ability to provide top-notch End2End, full-cycle service of recruitment for an organization - we have realized that not every company needs the whole shebang.

So here’s what we did: 
We took our full-cycle service and divided it into mini-services, that can be taken separately if needed. And voila - here is the list of Gifthead Micro Services:


Our team is trained to work with the best sourcing strategies out there. With effective x-raying, smart boolean writing and using a variety of other sources - we conduct a very efficient sourcing that indeed brings the more relevant talents tothe table. We can provide very helpful sourcing services - creating lists of relevant candidates, OR we also reach out to those prospects and bring them into your funnel for further attention from your recruiting team.

Sorting applicants for you

Are you working with agencies? posting job ads on various platforms? Also, working with some fabulous head hunters? You must be dealing with tedious sorting process of incoming CVs. Sometimes - piles of them. YAY! No, not so fast… not ‘yay’.... when recruiting in that manner, you are indeed drowning in CVs but most are not what you need. Spending a lot of time sorting through non-relevant resumes is super time-consuming. Sometimes its hundreds of resumes on a daily basis, only to find 1 or 2 relevant applicants among them. By stepping in - we basically save you a ton of time, wasted time. And time… well.. say it with us - time is money. Let us help you with that. Our eyes are so used to scanning CVs and quickly evaluate if it is a relevant applicant.


Interviewing: What kind of interviews can we conduct for you? ** An initial intro/sorting conversation. ** HR interviews for applicants that made it through the whole process and need the HR perspective (and you might not have this function or that time for it). ** References: chatting up people that were named as references from prior roles (by advancing candidates). ** Professional interviews (you might need a specific professional to interview for a specific role, and not have one on the team because… well you’re trying to hire one!!!).

Content and Employer Branding

Do you need to post on your Linkedin page? On your Facebook? Twitter? Do you need help creating content and wording your recruiting outreach? Do you need to create events, promote them, or think of any other activity - internal or external for your company? Do you need to internally engage your teams? We’ve got the skills, the ideas, the creativity. We’re here for you. Just meet our creative team, you’ll get it.


On our team, we have experienced trainers and speakers that can coach your team on various Talent Acquisition and overall HR topics. And not only. Where can we be helpful with training: ** Linkedin for recruiters, Linkedin for Hiring Managers (or employees in general). ** Sourcing 101 (X-raying, boolean writing, platforms review, methodologies) ** Employer Branding principles and hacks ** Interviewing principles ** Outreaching and storytelling And more.

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