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How We Got Here

Gifthead started as a team of experienced headhunters coming together under the management of Inbal Levy Horesh, the founder of the company. 

From the very beginning, the team was a ‘collection’ of unique recruiters and sourcers, coming from various backgrounds with impressive, diverse skill sets. 

The idea was to do things DIFFERENTLY

Go into a recruitment process with a different mindset. Think creatively when sourcing (get those people that are not on the first page of Linkedin search), go to different sources, and create outreach content that is completely OUTTHERE to get the attention of people that are approached over and over again… 

The team’s inspiration came from various sources including the global community which keep re-inventing everything bring new ideas, hacks, gags and tools to the table. 

We at Gifthead make it our business to stay tuned in and find the latest trends and inspirations in real time.

We thrive and grow seeing the success of the team, now one united inhouse team, celebrating every positive response and experience brought to us by our candidates and hiring managers. 

Our kick? To surprising everyone with moves they were not expecting. 

Please feel free to reach out and connect with each Gifthead team member!



Meet Our Founder and the life of the party - Inbal! This is her story:


Inbal horesh, FOUNDER & CEO

  • LinkedIn

Meet Our Founder and the life of the party - Inbal! This is her story:

After more than a decade of managing large teams, Inbal Horesh learned two main things: 

  1. The human factor is extremely important to the company’s success. It is in fact the core growth engine of any organization. And growing and nurturing it - must be done with a lot of thought and understanding. 

  2. Recruiting processes are very frustrating, long, and complex. This is in fact contrasting with the first point… 

That’s when she came up with a new approach to recruitment and headhunting, putting a lot of effort into developing smart processes, and investing in the human side of things (personalizing each and every step, making it tailor-made to the company, the team, the hiring manager and of course the candidates). 

Furthermore - Inbal even stopped and invested in figuring out who is the best fit to manage each project from  within the Gifthead team, realizing not every recruiter is the optimal match for every hiring manager - and that match was critical to bring the process home and make the successful, long term hire. 

Each Gifthead team member was trained following Inbal’s insights and perspective, thus creating the real Gifthead spirit.

Karina Yaari Glikin.jpeg

  Karina Yaari Glikin

Talent Acquisition & The one who does creative thingies

Moran Shabo.jpeg

Technology Leader & Talent Acquisition Specialist


Talent Acquisition Specialist & Head of FUN


Talent Acquisition Specialist & Project Managar 

Anna Eden Atrakzi.jpeg

Talent Acquisition Specialist



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Roy Gherman,
Founder & CEO

"Gifthead's commitment to providing E2E recruitment solutions sets them apart. 

Their expertise in candidate sourcing, thorough evaluations, and continuous support have made the hiring process efficient and effective, resulting in high-quality talent joining our team"



Pazit Goldshtein,
Head of TA

"Partnering with Gifthead has been extremely beneficial for our organization. Their unparalleled professionalism, expertise in recruitment, and impactful campaigns have transformed our employer branding, attracting top talent who align with our company's story and strengths"



Amit Lehavi,

Founder & CEO

"I was amazed at the quality of the candidates and the speed of the process - getting great candidates almost immediately saved us a lot of time on interviews, and helped us build a great team very fast"


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