We believe that everyone and every role is different therefore a different approach is required when looking for an opportunity or an employee.


We make it easy for you when finding the best candidate by delivering only the top, highest performing candidates. 


We know the business ecosystems and industries we work in, so we understand your needs and environment.



After more than a decade managing large teams, Inbal Horesh learned two main things: the first one is that the human factor is extremely important to the company’s success, and the second is that the recruiting processes are very frustrating, long and complex. That’s when she came up with a new approach  to  recruitment and head hunting. 




Inbal horesh, FOUNDER & CEO

“I believe in determination, independence and initiative. Always look for new challenges, think big and never give up. I'm passionate about leading businesses and people to excellence.” 


Capitalizing on her experience, high energy, and vast network, Inbal knows what works when managing and growing high-performing teams. Her time working at places such as 888, Intel and Kodak, has provided her a unique view into the world of employment.  


  Mor Montag

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Anna Eden Atrakzi.jpeg

  Anna Eden Atrakzi

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Yasmin Shavit.jpg

  Yasmin Shavit

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Moran Shabo.jpeg

  Moran Shabo

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hadas Lazar1.jpg

  Hadas Lazar

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Elina Nitzani.jpeg

  Elina Nitzani

Talent Acquisition Specialist and Creative Team

Nofar Shoshani_new.jpg

  Nofar Shoshani

Head of creative & innovation

Inbal Tzad1.jpg

  Inbal Tzadikevitch

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Karina Yaari Glikin.jpeg

  Karina Yaari Glikin

Talent Acquisition Specialist and Creative Team