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Networking & social media guidance 

Tailored strategy program 

Personal consulting

Experience Gifthead's Full-Spectrum Branding Services

In today's fiercely competitive talent marketplace, your employer brand is not just a peripheral element—it's a pivotal factor that can significantly steer the caliber of talent you attract.


At Gifthead, we offer an array of bespoke branding services, meticulously crafted to amplify your brand's visibility, stimulate engagement with your target audience, and ultimately draw in the high-quality talent your business needs to ascend to the next level of success.


Navigate Transitions with Compassion and Efficiency
Facing a downsizing or restructuring event?


Our comprehensive layoff support package is designed to guide your organization through the challenging process with empathy and efficiency. We provide extensive support for both the organization and the employees, encompassing career counseling, job search assistance, and more.


Letting someone go is difficult and painful

  • The fear of negative market performance as a result of unhappy departing employees.

  • The difficulty in maintaining a positive atmosphere among those who remain.

  • The struggle with guilt and pain-

It can sometimes feel like throwing someone into the ocean without giving them a life raft.

What if it were possible to do it differently?

  • A personal and compassionate separation that creates good ambassadors for the company.

  • Saving time and resources for the organization.

  • Preserving the sense of value among the remaining team.

  • Building a positive organizational reputation, even during tough times.

Would you like to create a positive impact in such a complex process?

We have created a consulting program that turns the crisis into an opportunity

  • Personal coaching from a team of recruitment and technology experts.

  • Market review - demand mapping, understanding the technological landscape, relevant tools, and more...

  • Building a personal work program (goals, objectives, and practical tasks for the process).

  • Focusing on targeted and accurate job search (suitable job positions, how to gather information about the company and job, how to check for compatibility, and how to approach).

  • Creating networking and social media presence - personal profile, resume, recommended activity, etc.

  • Self-presentation - a focused approach on how to correctly and effectively present professional experience.


Proactive Reachout

Don't wait for the right talent to find you - go out and find them. Our proactive reachout services include:


Linkedin presence

Dominate the World's Largest Professional Network
Make a lasting impact on LinkedIn.

Our array of services includes profile optimization, content strategy formulation, and more—all meticulously designed to bolster your brand's presence and draw in top-tier talent on LinkedIn.

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