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Your Partner in Global Talent Acquisition

​At Gifthead, we're not just confined within geographical boundaries or a "One size fits all" approach. Whether you seek specialized skills or diverse expertise, we have access to a vast network of top talents, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Here's how we help you find the best talent

Trust Gifthead to be your global partner in talent acquisition. Discover a world of talent with us.


Welcome to Talent Club - Your All-Star Recruitment Team!

Are you on the hunt for the elusive developer who's vanished for the winter?

Searching for those hard-to-find DevOps professionals?

Wondering where all the analysts are hiding?


You're not alone, and we have an innovative solution for you!

Introducing our Talent Club, a unique solution designed for the modern era.

This is where a team of top-notch recruiters and headhunters join forces for mutual success, forming a circle of collaboration.

Here's the secret sauce: Whenever you want to receive candidates, you inform us about your open positions.

We then activate these vacancies within our network, and voila, you have access to candidates from 120 active sources.

No need to sign multiple contracts or do the heavy lifting - we handle it all for you.

The model? Success only.



We believe that a service should always be tailor made to fit the client’s needs. While we take a lot of pride in our ability to provide top notch End2End, full-cycle service of recruitment for an organization - we have realized that not every company needs the whole shebang. So here’s what we did: We took our full cycle service and divided it to mini-services, that can be taken seperately if needed. And voila - here is the list of Gifthead Micro Services:


Data & Automation Integration

Harness the power of modern technology with our data and automation services.

We’ll assist you in integrating cutting-edge recruitment technologies into your processes, helping you streamline your talent acquisition efforts, make data-driven decisions, and reduce time-to-hire.

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