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Red Access Going live

We're taking a second to share that exciting things are happening to our clients… Today, the spotlight is on:

⭐️ Red Access ⭐️

A young Cyber startup that developed the first session-based, agentless securing platform - protecting every desktop or mobile app session. The platform provides comprehensive protection from browser-based threats without disrupting any existing organizational infrastructure!

It's a first of its kind, folks.

When we met Red Access team a few months ago - the company was still in stealth mode, everything hush-hush…

WELL. That’s no longer the case! We had a Launch. The big launch:


Now in the Air,

we can all finally “show off” this wonderful company and team.

In the past few weeks our Recruitment Lead for Red Access - Inbal Tzadikevitch - helped grow the team further.

NOW - the team counts over 20 bubbly, talented, and FUN people!

[and growing: Still recruiting for cyber research and business roles].

📣 And get this 📣

Since launching, the Red Access Team has already won THREE AWARDS ⚜️ (three!!!!!)


So yes.

The Gifthead Team is excited to take part in this fantastic success story, so early on. Red Access is going places, and we're proud to be part of this journey.

💖 We wish this team, led by co-founder Dor Zvi and Tal Dery (two former IDF Cyber Researchers and long-time partners with a great story) - all the success they deserve and then some.

We truly admire you guys.

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