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Opus (a)LIVE!

Stop. For a Second.


We have exciting news 💃 :

Opus Security, A young innovative cyber security startup is no longer in stealth, Its (a)LIVEEEE! So can finally tell (almost) ⭐️all⭐️ its secrets.🙃

The What:

Opus orchestrates all teams, tasks and tools to reduce critical risks, eliminate friction and

reduce actual threats immediately, with deep visibility into the entire process and its results.

TL;DR - Opus just made your security system much, much better. How awesome is that?

What’s been happening:

Even though they just started, thanks to their bleeding-edge innovation (ouch!), in a short time they raised 10 million dollars from the biggest names in the field (the name Dan Plastina is sure to ring a bell here for some people 🔔).

The Team, oh, the team:

A team of 10 talented individuals work in the Tel Aviv site and now our fabulous Mor Montag is helping them on their quest to find a **Cloud Security Architect** to join this fine establishment 🎩and influence the future of the cyber world (Dramatic drum roll!)

Besides, most importantly - they have their own table tennis league! So the requirements are definitely high.

If you have what it takes to win the trophy (or maybe if you’re Invincible in cyber),

And more importantly, if you’re feeling GO-OD about joining an interesting professional adventure with some of the best players out there -

Let’s chat!

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