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"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in"
Robert Frost


Our mission

To help war refugees and new immigrants with technological knowledge to reach the Israeli high-tech job market,
And match your company with the most suitable candidates for the position.

According to aliya reports, in the last year, about 16,500 immigrants immigrated from Russia and Ukraine as a result of the war in the region - and the number only continues to grow. 46% of the immigrants are between the ages of 18-50 and a significant amount of them already have the background and profession they came with from their country of origin. We operate on several verticals at the same time, using our knowledge and experience in recruiting to help as many people as possible integrate and settle in Israel with mental and financial security.

Being foreigners in a new land is not something we only meet in the headlines.

Some of us have gone through this journey ourselves and are well aware of the difficulties faced when arriving in an unfamiliar place and a new culture. "Tech-On" was born following multiple requests from new immigrants to help them integrate into the industry.

 We decided that we can, and want to do more to help.

As part of the voluntary project, combined with the efforts of Karina Glikin Yaari, and Gadi Wiederman - from the #Kula_Like society, we established a community, a job posting platform open to new immigrants, lectures, and a dynamic information management system.

Karina Yaari Glikin.jpeg

Karina Glikin

"Tech-On" Project Leader

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Moran Shabo.jpeg

Moran Shabo

Technology Leader

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Inbal Horesh

Gifthead - CEO

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Mor Montag

Talent Acquisition 

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Gadi Wiederman

Career Services Specialist

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Elina Nitzani.jpeg

Elina Nitzani

Training sorcerer

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The Team


David Krutonog

Product Marketing Manager

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