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Recruiting is acute to a company’s success. So in fact we are building a company’s Growth Engine. With all the responsibility that comes with it. 

GROWTH via Clients.

Startups need to be agile and efficient in today's competitive market.

Sales services that are tailored to your company.

GROWTH via performance.

We will guide you on how to increase the income and profits of the organization: the people, the strategy, the performance.

We understand your business. We weren’t always recruiters. 

Our professional background and accumulated business knowledge, provide us with extensive understanding of your sector’s culture and an expert eye for finding the candidates with the right talent, experience, and energy. 

Gifthead is not your regular recruiting solution…

We take great pride in bringing something quite different to the table. 

Some of it - we can explain: 

The attitude, The heart, The skills, The fresh perspective of our team.


But some of it? Well, we simply cannot explain! 

We bring some magic into the work, and you will just have to meet us to understand. 

Or talk to our many satisfied clients. 

We’ve built many teams using this magic… Let us try to elaborate: 


We offer a Plug & Play solution, without compromising.
Dynamically we step into the scene, investigate shortly but intensely, and we are off doing our thing with bright eyes and oceans of motivation. 
We want you to say: WOW. 


We refuse to stay the same and do the same thing over and over and we also believe in tailoring each process to the company’s personality vibe. 

So, we invest in innovating and constantly creating - content, processes, and methods. 


We make it our business to stay up-to-date with trends, hacks, and insights in Talent Acquisition WORLDWIDE.

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